What Is A Travel Nurse

A travel nurse is a healthcare worker that works with patients that are chronically ill and going home, assists various medical facilities with shortages in their staff. Aside from the work related to nursing, travel nurses travel from various area to area, which includes houses of patients. There are travel nurses that move from hospitals to clinics and schools. The requirements for this occupation may vary, although the most important prerequisite is a nursing license. Voluntary certifications are also required.

Here are some tips from Alpha Travel Nurse.

Duties of a Travel Nurse

Being a travel nurse is a great option for nurses who have already undergone 12 months of experience in acute clinical care and for those who want to improve their careers, earnings and lifestyle. Travel nurses have the chance to further improve their clinical skill and resume by being assigned to award-winning institutions while traveling to amazing new towns or cities all over the country. Travel nurses will revel in high nursing pay, free housing, comprehensive dental and health insurance, 401k matching, various reimbursements and a lot more benefits.

Requirements for Traveling Nurses

Normally, a travel nurse is a registered nurse who passed the NCLEX-RN exam and who had at least one year of clinical experience. Nurses who intend to work as travel nurses must have the license in the state they plan to work, so sometimes your home state board of nursing will apply for reciprocity in the state that the nurse plans to work. They must also need to undergo medical exams like TB test and must have the appropriate immunizations before starting an assignment.

Another option for nurses to be a travel nurse is the Nurse Licensure Compact or NLC. This is a mutual initiative created to aid nurses to expand their mobility around the country. Presently, there are 24 states that have joined the NLC, which permits nurses to acquire multistate license so they can work in other states aside from their home state.

Advantages of Being a Travel Nurse

Evidently, the most noticeable advantage of being a travel nurse is the opportunity to visit and experience various cities of the country. Since many assignments of travel nurses last for only three months, you will not surely get bored. Able to work in different healthcare institutions and likely in various departments will surely make the work stimulating.

Travel nursing will also give nurses the opportunity to learn new things. Many medical facilities and hospitals utilize various equipment and different practices. If you are the type of person that’s social, then working with various groups of people and making new friends will be great for you.

Being to work as a travel nurse also provides you the choice and flexibility to decide where and when to work. If you want to have longer breaks before working again, you can arrange such work schedule. Also, you can choose to work on warmer states during winter if you want to.

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Snow Goose Hunting Lodges in Saskatchewan


Prairie’s Edge Outfitting

Address: 8 Citadel Close N.W, Calgary, Saskatchewan 3G 4A4

One of Saskatchewan’s leading waterfowl hunting outfitters. Prairies Edge Outfitting has been providing customers with premier duck and snow goose hunting experience for a long time. They offer first-rate meals and lodging, experienced professional guides, competition callers and best gears, which make them a choice for high-class customers who want high success rate in hunting birds.

Bay Prairie Outfitters & Lodge

Address: Mike Ladnier 4029 TX-71 Midfield, TX 77458

The Bay Prairie Outfitters was originally established in Texas around 1988. It wasn’t in 2009 that they decided to start a branch in Saskatchewan. They have experienced professional guides, white parkas, dogs, sandhill cranes, sillosocks for the goose and a big number of duck decoys. They also boast of having the best waterfowl hunting gears for use.

Highland Outfitters

Address: 1196 Bratton Road, Outlook, SK S0L 2N0, Canada

Highland Outfitters provide clients with some of the best waterfowl, black bear, and whitetail deer hunting experience. Great hunting coupled with a cozy full-service lodge that includes home cooked meals, satellite TV, Wi-Fi and free pick up and drop off at the Saskatoon airport will make your hunting experience fun-filled and memorable.

Timberlost Outfitting

Address: 321 1 Ave W, Leoville, SK S0J 1N0, Canada

Timberlost Outfitting can be found between Leoville and Big River in Saskatchewan. Their area is located in the lush northern boreal forest of Saskatchewan. Their location is great for duck and goose hunting. Aside from bird hunting, big bear and whitetail hunting is also offered along with the opportunity for fishing. The area has around 51,000 non-resident deer tags on their 100,000 acres of land, 22 non-resident bear tags on 88,000 acres and 19 farmland bear tags and a number of migratory game birds.

Buck Paradise

Address: Box 186 Paradise Hill, SK S0M 2G0

Buck Paradise offers one of the best hunting grounds in Western Canada. They specialize in waterfowl, whitetail deer, and black bear hunting. They have great decoys and they have located the best areas where goose and duck fly over.

High Prairie Outfitters

Address: 11904 Crook City Road Whitewood, SD 57793

High Prairie Outfitters has experienced guides for waterfowl hunting in Saskatchewan and they are a licensed member of the Saskatchewan Outfitter Association and the Department of Tourism of Saskatchewan.

Kutawagan Outfitters

Address: Box 70 Choiceland, SK S0J 0M0

Kutawagan Outfitters has an area of 45,000 acres of lush forest. They provide amazing accommodation, delicious home cooked meals, and experienced guides along with meat handling and trophy care. Their hunting area along Nokomis, Saskatchewan has over 5,000 acres of farmlands that’s privately owned and has the best waterfowl habitat in the area. Their location is one of the biggest staging areas for cranes, ducks, and geese.

If you are looking for a snow goose hunt to join, look at Top Gun Guide.

5 Ways to Getting to the Airport Without a Car

With airports getting busy, long lines at check-in counters and airport security creating unpredictable waiting times, the “two-hour” airport rule sometimes just give you a few extra minutes to spare for getting a snack or grabbing a magazine.


However, driving to the airport can be stressful and parking is expensive. You can avoid delays without having to drive your own car to the airport. Just follow these suggestions:

  1. Call a taxi.

Traveling with a Fargo taxi is a cheap and convenient way to get you from your house or hotel to the airport especially if you are traveling with your family or carrying a lot of baggage. Most terminal exits in many airports have taxi stands. It is also better if you contact the taxi company ahead of time instead of waiting or calling for one outside the airport.   

  1. Ride a bus.

You can also use the local bus system in traveling to the airport. There are countries that have buses that go to the airport directly or if you are in a place that doesn’t offer such line then you can always ride a bus that stops near the airport. It will take you a bit of time going to the airport if you are going to ride the bus so make sure to adjust your travel time so you will not miss your flight.

  1. Ride a train.

If you are on a tight budget and want to save money while traveling going to the airport, you can always travel by train. It will only you cost you a little. However, just know that you will have to drag your baggage on a lot of stairs and you will have to get to the train station to the airport.

  1. Use a ride-sharing app.

In today’s techie world, people can now get a ride by using a ride-sharing app like Uber or Grab a Taxi. Both of the mentioned apps involve paying by credit through their mobile apps. These rides normally cost less compared to regular taxis and many customers love the speed and service quality.

  1. Hire a limousine.

A number of limousine services are available at many airports. You can ride in style and comfort in a sedan or limousine to the airport. Most limo companies have pre-arranged meet-up services and if you are staying in a hotel, you can just ask if they have a licensed limousine company and use them.

For more information on the different transportation systems of a country, you can always check the airport’s website or ask assistance from the information desk. Thanks to Ridey and their Fargo taxi services for these tips.

Making a Checklist for Moving

Once you’ve made the final decision to move to a new place, perhaps the most stressful part of the process begins. There are a lot of other important decisions to be made in the coming weeks, and we at one of the best Nanaimo moving companies want to help you out with this checklist to follow when it comes to planning your move.

Look into moving companies and decide which services you will use

Moving companies nowadays can do more than transport your belongings from your old place to your new home. They can also help you to organize items and get rid of anything that it unwanted. They can also help you to pack on the day off, providing packing supplies if need be. Start looking into your options now, so everything can be sorted out when it comes to your big day. Make sure to check whether the companies you are considering have the right insurance coverage and licensing.

Start a binder to organize expenses and your belongings

Create a system now that you can use to keep track of your receipts and quotes from potential moving companies, so you will not have to scramble later when something does not go as planned. It’s also a good idea to keep a list of where certain items are placed as you start the packing process, either by yourself or with your hired movers.

Begin planning for the important aspects of your family’s life that will be affected by the move

If you have kids, make sure their school records will get sent to their new school on time. As your moving day approaches so there is a month or less to go until the big day, start beginning the process of changing your address for other purposes, too.

Figure out which furniture can stay and which can go

When it comes to your bigger-sized belongings, a time will come when you’ll have to figure out whether everything will work at your new place. About a couple of months before you move, take some measurements of your new place, including of the door frames. With this information, you can determine whether any of your furniture will not be able to fit in your new home, even when it is disassembled.

Moving companies in Nanaimo can help you to stay organized through every step. Please contact us to find out more.


Winterizing Your Hot Tub

The winter is upon us and it’s a time when not much travel happens. Unless of course you are headed to a warm climate like Mexico or Hawaii. Instead you can stay at home and sit back enjoy things like fires and hot tubs to keep you warm. If you are in a really cold climate, you will have to winterize your hot tub though.

Hot tubs can be enjoyed all year long for relaxation and, especially in the winter, for warming up on a cold evening. But you could have several reasons for not wanting to keep your hot tub running in the winter. If this is the case for you and you have an above-ground hot tub, here are the steps provided by World Of Spas in Calgary that you should follow to winterize your hot tub.

Step 1: Turn everything off

To stay safe during the rest of the procedure, make sure you shut down the heater of your hot tub and then turn off the spa before you do anything else. You should also turn off the power at the breaker panel.

Step 2: Empty your hot tub of water

Before you empty the shell, you should first use a spa flush product designed specifically to clean the plumbing system of your hot tub, with the water still in there. Then, drain out the water from the tub and next drain the air blower, if your hot tub has one. You can do this with your heater off, the hot tub cover on, and the power on. Run the blower for about half a minute, and then shut off the power again.

Step 3: Remove the hot tub’s filters

Take out the filters, clean them, and put them in a dry space for storage. Then, remove any water you find in the filter compartments.

Step 4: To prevent freezing, loosen any fittings and open the jets where water could remain

Fittings at your heater, pumps, and external gas heater (which should be shut off, if you have one) should be loosened, to drain out remaining water. Use a wet-dry vac to get water out of opened jets, by forcing air in.

Step 5: Clean the tub and cover

Using the appropriate cleaners, clean and mop up the shell, so the area is dry, then clean the cover.

With everything dry and clean, you will more likely to find everything ready for use when you want to power up your Calgary hot tub again.

Getting Vaccinations Before Travelling

Just recently I was visited Argentina to get away from the north american culture. I’ve wanted to visit the country for the longest time. Probably since I was a little boy. I had heard so much about the food, the people and the beautiful scenery in the Patagonia region.

I had scheduled a total of two months down in Argentina. I was to fly into Buenos Aires then visit the south and Patagonia then I would come back up to the north and visit Mendoza, Rosario and Salta. Plans soon changed after I landed in Buenos Aires though. What happened that made me change my plans?

Read on and I’ll explain the reason why and what every traveller like myself needs to do.

Listen To Your Friends

Before I left all my friends were on my case about visiting a North Vancouver travel clinic and getting a vaccination. They had told me about the health and safety issues when it comes to food in Argentina. They even tipped me on this site which has the travel vaccinations for Argentina. But I assured them that I had been to Mexico before and was fine eating the food there. Surely enough they continued on and kept repeating the line “You don’t want to go all that way and get sick now do ya?” Another line I heard was “Their health care system isn’t very good and it could cost you a lot in health bills as a visitor.”

Dispute their points and sound reasoning, I made my way down. Within two days I started to get a bad case of diarrhea. I had eaten a couple of really good meals and I wasn’t sure where it was coming from.

Then I was telling a fellow roommate where I was staying and he mentioned to me that it could have been the water. I didn’t want to believe that was the case as the water was very clear and tasted pretty good. But he mentioned he had the same problem.

Don’t Drink The Water In Argentina

I was willing to try anything so I stopped drinking the water and within a week I felt back to normal. I was lucky as it could have been worse. Then I would have felt like a fool for not visiting the Pharmasave Travel Clinic before I left.

Still if I were to do it over again, I would strongly advise you do the same if you are heading to South America.

The Wildlife Of The Pacific Northwest

For years I have always wanted to travel to the Northern Coast of British Columbia Canada and even as far north to Alaska. Living in the southern part of the eastern United States has always been an obstacle. I’ve made it up north to Seattle and Washington State a few times. I’ve always marveled at the beauty of that region. Granted, I have never been up there in the winter as I hear it rains like crazy and the skies are always gray.

It’s taken me years to try and work something out and make it farther north to really see the rugged and secluded beauty the area has to offer. That was until this past September when I finally bit the bullet and pulled the trigger. But I didn’t want to just travel up there and figure out. Instead I searched for a Prince Rupert Fishing Charters and found Thunder 1 Adventures. I wanted to go on a charter as they provide a unique liveaboard charter experience.

Most fishing charters have a lodge which you stay at. These lodges are great and you can sit back and relax after a long day on the water. Thunder 1 however uses a boat that has accommodations. This means you don’t have to drive back into a lodge and can enjoy a great experience anchoring up at some amazingly beautiful areas that are so peaceful. In my opinion this is a much better way to spend an evening.

Hosts Deb and Doug Emery no the coast and Prince Rupert very well. For me this was worth its weight in gold as I was able to see some amazing places and wildlife. Speaking of wildlife, their charter almost felt like an eco tour as I was able to see Bald Eagles, the odd whale, some Bears and plenty of other animals I’ve never seen down in North Carolina.

A month before I came, Doug and Deb said they had a humpback whale come right up next to their boat and float around for 5 minutes. They have seen more then their fair share of humpbacks but never had one come to close to the boat. They recorded the video and it was picked up by media outlets all over North America. Here’s the video below.

If you have never been to Alaska or anywhere along the coast of British Columbia, you have to get up there. And if you do, visit Doug & Deb Emery of Thunder 1 Adventures for an amazing experience like I had.

The Well-Traveled Dog

How can Dave Tomey and Tomey K9 Services help you have a well-traveled dog?

Traveling with a dog can be either a dream or a nightmare. A well-trained dog can add fun, excitement, and good memories to a vacation.  It can also bring you peace of mind during a regular trip in the car.   Well-trained dogs are a joy and a delight, fun for their owners to take along on a trip.

On the other hand, an untrained dog can cause irritation and frustration. If the dog’s in a car, an untrained dog can also be a safety hazard.  The whimpering and barking of an untrained dog can lead to annoyance and impatience; those feelings won’t help your relationship with your dog.

That’s where Tomey K9 Services newest Dog training Victoria BC service, comes in.

You can start with their basic obedience program.  If you have an untrained dog and you’re worried about them traveling in a car, have Tomey K9 first teach your dog’s the basics:

  • How to behave on a leash
  • How to heel and sit on command
  • How to lie down on command
  • Staying on command
  • Coming when called

Once a dog knows and obeys these basic commands, it’s easier to work with them so they can travel with you.  Tomey K9 Services has a flexible schedule and offers private, personalized training for dogs. They will work with you one – on-one, at any place within the Greater Victoria BC area.  They will identify areas where your dog’s behavior needs improvement and give you practical and customized solutions for your dog’s behavior.

If you want to train your dog for travel, here are some areas to take into consideration:

  • Does your dog enjoy riding in the car, or is the dog afraid of cars?  If the dog is afraid of cars, consult Tomey K9 about behavioral issue training.  Some dogs are afraid of riding in the car, for a number of reasons.
  • When riding in the car, it’s a good idea to secure or restrain your dog.  Ways to do this include dog seat belts, car barriers, and dog crates.  There are dogs that may need training to accept the seat belt or the dog crate, or that must be taught to respect a dog barrier.  These are behavior issues that Tomey K9 can address.

Tomey K9 offers “exceptional service, with a passion for all things K9.”  If you live in the Greater Victoria BC area and have a dog you need to train for car riding, contact them by phone at (250) 588-9611.  For more information, visit their website at tomeyk9services.com, or follow @TomeyK9 on Twitter.  Having a well-traveled dog is well worth the investment.

Plan for California Trips

californiaMuch of the American West prides itself on its diversity – from forbidding deserts to breath-taking coastlines, from towering redwood forests to snow-capped mountains. But no state in the West has as much of it as California. The Golden State is a virtual cornucopia of common miracles. Through and through, investigate its amazingly excellent coast to the profound forests and deserts found here also. Stay at many awesome California RV Camping Resorts along the way and you’ll appreciate the best California brings to the table in California Camping.


Indeed, California’s incredible coastlines and towering redwoods of the northern piece of the state get all the consideration, yet in southern California, deserts rule the scene. Northeast of Los Angeles, the Mojave Desert incorporates more than 15,000 square miles. In spite of the fact that not all aspects of the Mojave is perfect for a relaxed cookout lunch (think hot), this “high” abandon holds a few mountain ranges and is placed well above ocean level. These two variables are what give the Mojave its remarkable biological system, taking into account a mixed bag of wild occupants. Local fledglings, for example, the roadrunner and desert flora wren regularly impart space to colorful transitory fowls like vireos and flycatchers.

-Angler’s Wharf and Pier 49 in San Francisco

What better approach to go through a day with the gang! Link autos, chocolate, crab, merry go rounds and travels under the Golden Gate. At that point there are the road performers, the shops and restaurants. Wear a sweater, even in summer, and be ready to do a great deal of strolling. You’ll be depleted and cheerful before the days over.

Thruway 1 from Half Moon Bay to Monterey

You won’t discover a more fabulous seaside drive anyplace. The Cabrillo expressway winds right along the edge of the precipices neglecting the beating Pacific surf underneath. Each bend is a shiny new vista, beseeching you to stop and take a picture. At that point there’s the fun and energy of the Santa Cruz footpath. Visit the mind boggling submerged showcases at Monterey Bay Aquarium. At that point unwind and watch the sun set over the Pacific from a shoreline front restaurant in Carmel.

-Napa Valley Wine Country

Take Highway 21 from Napa through the lovely wine nation. Visit well known wineries and specimen their products (simply not TOO much!) Stroll through the interesting groups of St. Helena and Yountville. At that point end the day with an unwinding absorb one of the hotsprings at Calestoga. You’ll be prepared to do everything over once more!

-Notable 49’er Gold Rush Country

Heritage will be all around us while you travel Motorway 49 along with Previous Option 49. Stay in Sutters Creek along with stop by Sutter’s Mill, the spot where precious metal was observed. Consider the stores along with boutiques within San Andreas. Accomplish some precious metal panning inside reconditioned exploration area connected with Angels Get away. Exactly who is aware of! You might strike this loaded!

-Sacramento Delta, Sacramento Pond along with Previous Sacramento

Push over the Sacramento Delta levee where farmland should be to the suitable along with windsurfers for your remaining. Discover minimal known bits of history in Rio Vista and the Chinese town of Locke. Watch the remarkable swinging attract extension open up to let angling vessels and yachts through. End your day in Old Sacramento, investigating the shops along the wooden strolls. Then again visit the train exhibition hall, dependably a hit with the children! Apply Esta visa to visit this best locations.

Travel For Your Aniversary

Next  year my husband and I are celebrating a very special anniversary, our twenty fifth a real milestone and  we were looking for something unique. After having vacationed in Cuba, Hawaii, and Mexico and going on a  couple of cruises we were looking for something memorable, a new adventure. It would have to be something that we both were attracted to, not just the choice of only one of us. With this idea in mind we began looking online to find an unusual vacation, possibly two weeks in duration. A few years ago my sister and her husband had gone on a river cruise on the Seine River with another couple, an experience that they found both relaxing and exciting.  Maybe what we were looking for was a way to really absorb the local culture and see the country by immersing ourselves in the lifestyle.  That could be a possibility another time, but really this trip called for some all out pampering, five stars all the way, no escorted bus tours but a leisurely stroll through the cities with a guide could be the solution.

We’re both interested in local culture, everything from the food, museums, their customs, the old buildings and monuments. The real far reaching history that is not available in Canada. There is a history there that could come to life when we actually could see it with our own eyes. My husband is the one in our household who enjoys trying different ethnic foods.  My palate is not quite as adventurous, but I am open to trying new flavours.

Our quest to find the perfect twenty-fifth anniversary vacation,  one worthy of commemorating   this memorable occasion. Many times much of the fun is in the planning, the anticipation of the travel and

waiting for the departure date.

One night while watching television a commercial came on for a European river cruise came on and almost in unison we both thought, this is what we’re looking for. Neither one of us had been to Europe so this seemed like the ideal trip. Combining all the criteria for our joint interests it was the perfect way to have the ultimate pampering, history, culture and local foods.

We had our vision, now it was time to research our options, cost, best time of year to go with regard to enjoying the best weather possible. Information was readily available both online and by gathering some brochures at the travel agents.  After hours of deliberation, mixed with lots of dreaming we decided to sit down with a professional travel consultant. This was a very special trip and everything needed to go off seamlessly.